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Lulu and the Flying Babies


In my past life as an independent adult who knew nothing about children I was familiar with Posy Simmonds in The Guardian and her excellent female characters (Tamara Drewe, Gemma Bovery) so it is wonderful to discover that she has also written lots of children’s books.

Lulu is an independent toddler who, quite rightly, gets annoyed that the family now revolves around the needs of her new baby brother. When she’s taken to the museum (against her will, she wants to play in the snow in the park – top feminist points in her hardiness and desire for rugged play) two cherubs (the flying babies) come to life and together they enter the worlds inside the paintings. And the best bit is that in the end *spoiler alert* we discover that this isn’t just in Lulu’s imagination, the museum usher also sees the flying babies.

She’s a fantastic character and I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, Lulu and the Chocolate Wedding.

Heroine rating 5/5